Are eBooks now natural?

In learned societies you see people on buses and trains reading books using small gadgets such as iPad and Kindle. The eBooks are becoming normal and easy to read compared to printed books.

I like the story of a mother with a baby as you will imagine reading printed version will be a challenge while the baby is on your hands. Let’s go digital for now and the future.

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ZLDT getting more local presence in Zim

The administration of ZLDT programmes in Zimbabwe is now localised. We now have an Administrator based in Harare.

The Administrator is setting up a local board established. Activities lined up will be announced soon.

Zimbwe tops in literacy levels

Literacy: Zimbabwe still leads Africa

College drop outs – a worrying scenario!

I recall the 1986 Library and Information Science class at the Harare Polytechnic started with 23 students, however only 14 successfully graduated in 1989. You can calculate the statistic, but this is a scenario that keeps repeating itself in almost all disciplines worldwide. There are various reasons for school dropouts. In relation to our previous blog post about girls dropping out due to cultural and financial pressures , a researcher (Allison Morris) from USA has conducted a study that compares the graduation and enrolment rates of different colleges and examines US college retention rates as a whole.

Read a synopsis of the research findings here (if you click on the image icon, you will get redirected to the full guide): Scroll through the guide horizontally and hovering over the various bars in the chart will get actual numbers to pop up. The author says “you’re welcome to post or share the piece with proper attribution to the original source, and any comments/thoughts would also be greatly appreciated”.

If you are aware of any study that has been conducted in Zimbabwe comparing enrolment and dropout rates in schools, colleges or universities, please give us details via a comment on this blog or by emal


ZLDT Editor


There is still a chance to attend the forthcoming IFLA conference 2013.

If you are from Zimbabwe and planning to attend, can you please get in touch.

Literacy promotes a better life – drawing inspitation from others

Reading can be viewed as “hard” yet it is essential especially for life. A Yemen born shares his story of how his background shaped his future. He is now engaged in literacy projects to help emancipate his people.

He says “I was conceived in a small farming village in Yemen. When my parents realized that I would be coming into the world, they spent their meager savings to bribe government officials so they could escape. No man had ever taken his wife out of the village: The family prohibited it. My parents reached America in debt, my dad with little to no command of English and my mom illiterate. The disenfranchisement my mom experienced as someone who couldn’t read is still widespread today.”

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International Conference on Library Development in Africa

ZLDT is organising an international conference on literacy and library development support for Africa. We are seeking your opinions and suggestions on the topic of the conference. The conference is expected to be in London April 2013. A call for papers and further details will announced in October.

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If you would like your name added to the conference mailing list or to contact the conference organising committee, please email or